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  • When should I apply?
    You should apply as soon as you're accepted to the college.
  • Where can I find the application forms?
    You can apply online at AFE Aide financière aux études Québec as early as May.
  • How long will the application take to process?
    About 4-6 weeks.
  • How much money will I receive?
    Financial Aid is not a scholarship. The government will decide the amount of money you may receive depending on your actual financial situation.
  • Can I also get a bursary?
    At the CEGEP level the first $1,980. a student receives is in the form of a loan. Following that, if you're still eligible for more financial assistance, additional money will come in the form of a bursary.
  • When must I pay back my student loan?
    You'll start repaying your loan 6 months after you finish your studies and when you have a job. There's no interest as long as you're in school full-time.
  • Where can I get additional information?
    If you have any questions, visit the Financial Aid Office in room C203 or call 744-7500, ext. 7883.
  • Do I need to mail in any documents?
    If you are single and born in Quebec, there is no need to mail in any documents to AFE; students born outside of Quebec are required to mail in documents such as proof of residency in Quebec, etc. AFE does not accept documents sent by fax.
  • Do my parents need to fill out any forms?
    If you are single, your parent(s) that you live with (or last lived with) must fill out the Declaration of Mother and the Declaration of Father forms. These forms are separate and must be sent in order for a student's financial assistance application to be processed each year that an application for financial assistance is sent.
  • What is a Guarantee Certificate?
    The Guarantee Certificate is a document that is issued by AFE after a student's application has been processed and a calculation of financial assistance has been assessed. The Guarantee Certificate is then sent to the Financial Aid Office at the college; as of the second week in August, students can pick up their Guarantee Certificate and bring it to their bank. The next year that a student applies for financial assistance, there is no second Guarantee Certificate issued; it is only issued to start the process of receiving financial assistance through a student loan bank account. If a student takes a break from receiving financial assistance for a period of over six months, and then re-applies for loans and bursaries, a second Guarantee Certificate will be issued.
  • What is the difference between a loan and a bursary?
    The loan part of your financial assistance will need to be repaid to your financial institution (bank) whereas the bursary component of your financial assistance does not need to be paid back to your financial institution (bank)
  • When do I have to pay back my student loan?
    Six months after you finish your studies, including university, as long as you are a full-time student without an interruption in your studies of more than six months.

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